Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

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Single Review: Paloma Faith – ‘Ready For The Good Life’

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UK singer/songwriter/actress Paloma Faith continuously proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with, her recent success on the Australian charts with her single Only Love Can Hurt Like This boosted sales of her current album A Perfect Contradiction; she’s set to release a special edition of the album in early November, so you should definitely look out for A Perfect Contradiction: Outsiders’ Edition featuring 4 new tracks, plus some extras on the deluxe on iTunes. To celebrate the release, Paloma has released one of the new tracks as a single, Ready For The Good Life.

Paloma Faith-Ready For The Good LifeThe track has a cute and bouncy intro with Paloma’s vocal ‘ah ah’s’ and the uplifting chords and bass line being played on the piano, the drum beat soon kicks in and we’re on a soulful roller coaster, an expertise proven to riddle Faith’s commendable repertoire. Accompanying the beat is the booming force that resonates from the petite lady’s vocals, Faith’s voice has become as unmistakable as it is powerful; Ready For The Good Life provides the perfect outlet for Paloma to take the reigns, lyrically the song is empowering, she sings about “Dancing to my rhythm, it’s time for me to shine, shake it for the living…”, she feels a sense of control in her profession, and so she should. We have heard her immense vocal range from day one, particularly with the low-to-high end Only Love Can Hurt Like This, but this track is driven by Paloma’s mid-range and it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s not easy finding a flaw in Ready For The Good Life, unless Paloma Faith’s consistency in releasing a decent single is a crime. It has everything we would expect to hear from the lady of soul; power, grace and a track we can sing and dance along to. We wouldn’t take anything less from Paloma, Ready For The Good Life stirs up the excitement deep within our veins for the new edition of A Perfect Contradiction, and whatever else Faith throws our way.