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Single Review: OneRepublic – ‘Love Runs Out’

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After a three and a half year hiatus, OneRepublic’s third album didn’t initially go quite to plan. Originally slated to be released at the end of 2012, Native was pushed back to March 2013 on account of it not being ready on time. One track was ditched all together as the guys couldn’t quite complete it, despite its planned intentions as the lead single. That track was Love Runs Out, and now it’s ready and poised to take on the charts.

OneRepublic-Love-Runs-OutAfter replacement first single Feel Again became a promotional release due to the album’s delays, If I Lose Myself then became the official first single off Native. It also produced huge track Counting Stars which hit number two on the Billboard charts – their biggest success since 2007’s Apologize – and Something I Need, the incredibly catchy love tune already a wedding go-to. Despite the accomplishment of other tracks, Love Runs Out had to be delayed as the chorus wasn’t quite there; singer Ryan Tedder noting that “everything else was an A but the chorus was a B”. Nevertheless, the finishes touches were put on it and it is set to be included on an upcoming album re-release.

Love Runs Out opens with a driving piano intro, before 70’s rock and soul-inspired handclaps and backups join in. Tedder exhibits his trademark vocal acrobatics as he delivers the verses that continue to be driven by the piano, as well on the pulsating choruses that are as chantable as earlier releases from the album. They appear to be tapping into their hiphop past, the track exhibiting a darkness and lyrical repetition reminiscent of Kanye’s Love Lockdown. The instrumentation seems minimal yet deep, Tedder capturing the energy in his voice to generate the addictiveness of the tune.

The Colorado lads continue their pop-rock reign with this chart-friendly addition to their latest album. They refused to rush into it in the first place, stating that the album “has to literally be the best thing we’ve ever done”. With the success of the multiple singles so far, and the instant appeal of Love Runs Out, it seems like they’ve definitely achieved that goal.