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Single Review: Paul Weller – ‘Brand New Toy’

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Paul Weller has been cited (along with his former band, The Jam) as a musical influence to the likes of Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, Blur and more. Since going solo, he has released eleven studio albums under his respectable banner, and now ‘The Modfather’ is back with his latest single; Brand New Toy, a new song recorded for his next compilation of highlight from the last 15 years called More Modern Classics.

Paul Weller Brand New ToyWeller is a seasoned songwriter, yet Brand New Toy sounds fresh. Masterfully, the piano leads the track and you travel with it as it changes tempo and drives the song into its climactic chorus. Weller’s voice is a unique tool in itself, there is no denying that he’s British as we listen to his undoubtedly pommy accent belt those vocals out, but boy can he still sing. Notably Brand New Toy gets straight to the point, there is no dragged out intro to create momentum or suspense as to where the song will take us; it really does embark on a journey into the lyrical and musically renowned mind of Paul Weller.

Brand New Toy is catchy, it has a modern twist to what could easily sound like a Brit pop song from the 90s; not to mention the ageing process has done naught to Weller’s musical delivery. This track is not easy to block from crawling under your skin and playing in your head over and over after just a mere few listens. Definitely worth a listen if you are an existing fan or you are looking for something worth it.