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Single Review: OneGirlOneBoy – ‘Dirty Town’

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I hate driving home alone at night.  The only good thing about it is when you find a song that can match your mood in this state, a state of boredom, loneliness and the fact that you’re almost back to your warm comfy house, but not quite and something needs to feel the gap.

OneGirlOneBoyDirtyTownOneGirlOneBoy’s new single Dirty Town is the perfect song for this situation.  The duo, featuring Natasha Miller on vocals and Chris Howarth provide the perfect mix of angsty and melancholy sounds backed up with a catchy lingering beat that will have you tapping on the steering wheel and home safe before you know it.

With a hypnotic chorus and haunting backing vocals, Natasha’s voice is dreamy and elegant and gives the track a distinct retro feel brought forward in time by the thumping drums and perfect guitars.  The only thing that lets the track down is straining to understand what Natasha is singing; the track would be stronger if the lyrics could have been a little clearer.

The track is released from their debut EP, and if this is only the start of their career, they’ve already accomplished a style and effortless feel to the music that sounds like they are going to go far.

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