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Single Review: Enrique Iglesias – ‘Heart Attack’

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Enrique Iglesias is in a bit of a rut. The streak of relative flops since the Euphoria album (which produced the hits I Like It, Heartbeat and Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)) is likely to continue with Heart Attack, the second single from the Latin pop-hearthrob’s unnamed 10th studio album.

EnriqueIglesiasHeartAttackProduced by the American hip-hop indie-pop band, The Cataracs, Heart Attack combines the most saccharine elements of Avril Lavigne’s brand of pop-rock with some cringeworthy hooks and lyrics (‘Yeah-yeah-eh…feeling like a fool-oo-ooh…hit me like a heart attack’). There’s also some bastardised version of dubstep in the choruses. The Cataracs clearly haven’t got the memo that dubstep in pop is so 2012.

The result is a track that sounds like a poor cover version of the songs it rips off. Listeners can easily sing Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble (‘Oh! Oh! Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!’ during the choruses) and Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop (as this and Heart Attack feature piano in the verses) over this piece of derivative garbage.

Enrique sounds unrecognizable too. The autotune and over-driven vocals snuff out his usually sensual tone and slight accent, as well as any personality left in this track.

There’s good mindless pop music and then there’s pointlessly mindless pop music. Heart Attack falls into the latter category. It risks not only clogging up Enrique’s string of hits, but also putting an end to his English pop music career. This would be a shame, as Enrique has a sizeable catalogue of modern pop karaoke classics like Hero. Heart Attack doesn’t deserve to be on a karaoke playlist, let alone a radio playlist, period.

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