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Single Review: One Direction – ‘History’

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It’s the end of an era for the One Direction lads, after 5 albums, 4 world tours and 17 singles, the fearsome foursome are finally getting a long deserved break and officially begin their band hiatus. And while the band’s fate is still unknown, it’s only fair to lead out their incredible journey with a single that is emotionally charged. While it may not be the biggest bop as far as One Direction jams go, it does hold a lot of sentimental value for the band and the fans. Seeing as this third single is probable to be the last from Made In The A.M, it is fitting that the fan favourite History was given the green light, after a twitter campaign shifted Infinity from its single status.

One Direction Made In The AMHistory is a sway worthy track set to a mid tempo clap rhythm and is quite the sombre tune. It’s a song that takes a few listens to really make an impact, with it coming off quite lacklustre and pretty one note, but similar to other tracks it’s repetitive lines will leave you chanting along before you know it. Throughout the song the lads croon, “you and me got a whole lot of history” / “We could be the greatest team that the world has even seen”, which is quite the send off for their legion of fans. While it fades out with the line “we could live forever”.

It’s a track that originated as your typical One Direction romance ballad, but in turn it became so much more. For some it’s the beacon of light guiding them through the dark days of the 1D hiatus, holding onto the lyrics, “this is not the end, we can make it you know it, you know”. While for others it’s the ultimate farewell for a group that made a very impressive mark not only on the charts, but also in our hearts.