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Single Review: One Direction – ‘Best Song Ever’

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Best Song Ever is a pretty ambitious song title, especially for a boy band that came in third place of the UK X-Factor’s seventh season. But in terms of fun, catchy pop tunes, this may actually be the best song ever, or at least One Direction’s best song ever.

OneDirectionBestSongEverThe song opens with a blatant throwback to The Who’s Baba O’Riley, which isn’t really surprising considering 1D’s habit of paying homage to classic rock and punk songs. The lead single of the band’s second album, Live While We’re Young, has very obvious similarities to The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go, they recently covered Blondie’s classic One Way Or Another, and even the single art for this tune Best Song Ever looks strikingly like the art for Jam’s 1980 album Sound Affects.

Once we’re past this though, One Direction’s signature up-beat, cheeky pop takes over. The song tells the story of a night of dancing with an unforgettable girl, and this so called “best song ever” is in fact the soundtrack. The boys collectively swoon over perky guitars and rock beats, the chorus filled with repeated “oohs” and “yeahs”, and there’s even some silliness in the line, “Said her name was Georgia Rose/ And her daddy was a dentist”.

Best Song Ever serves perfectly as both the first single for the boy’s third album and as promotion for their upcoming movie One Direction: This Is Us. It shows the best of the band, bringing a cheeky, playful and fun vibe to these upcoming releases. This song will put a smile on the face of fans and sceptics alike, and will see more than a few people dancing around their bedroom with a hairbrush microphone.

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