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Album Review: AlunaGeorge – Body Music

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Ahh, AlunaGeorge. It’s more than fair to say that the pair – comprised of Aluna Francis and George Reid – have more than captivated both the press and the average music nut as of late. It has been a whirlwind of a year for the dynamic duo; since they first uploaded their original DIY video for You Know You Like It, they have been whisked away on a European tour, performed for Moschino at London Fashion Week, climbed dangerously close to the peak of both the BRITS Critic’s Choice accolade (former winners, Adele, Florence & The Machine, Jessie J, Emilie Sande) and the BBC Sound Of 2013 poll, whilst unofficially being touted the most blogged about artist of 2012. Fast-forward a year, and the band are about to release debut album Body Music; are the grinders at the hype machine about to be duly rewarded?

alunageorgebodymusicIt is of utmost importance that it is stated this early on that Body Music is a modern masterpiece of an album. It is confident, relevant, yet nostalgic. We are eased in smoothly with album opener Outlines,a slinky, sultry number with sombre undertones of longing, Aluna’s almost child-like voice silkily slipping over the sophisticated rhythm before anthem You Know You Like It amps things up with its jaunty electro-beat, with Aluna stating ‘I’m not a follower, I don’t take things as they come’; it’s practically a mission statement, and it’s perfect. This is succeeded by the addictive mono-whistle of Attracting Flies before a rumbling bass announces the arrival of Your Drums, Your Love, tripping into its skitty beat before leaping headfirst into its lushly synth ridden chorus, hereby marking the conclusion of this Holy Trinity of singles.

The songs that are newly unveiled are just as stellar, to the point where there is not a singularly awful one to pick out. Just A Touch persists in being as brilliant as when it was first unleashed, whilst the title track portrays the band at their most sensual. Elsewhere, Diver, turns down the synths to create AlunaGeorge’s most R’n’B infused song yet, whilst Lost And Found has the sticky rhythms of UK garage dripped all over it, marking a welcome reminiscent return to this once thriving music scene, the song managing to slot smoothly into the groove between the tracks of its forefathers: this is music for the body!

AlunaGeorge are one of the few bands in recent times that have mastered the art of creating a sound that personifies themselves. The songs that compile Body Music sound familiar, yet somehow resoundingly fresh, entwining old influences (eg. the not-at-all-subtle cover of ’90’s jam, This Is How We Do It) and their own experimentations in a way that manages to be innovative. The pop hooks gleam in all their glory over the musical gems that this album has weighing down its pocket. They just don’t sound like anybody else in the current swamp of old scene revival acts; they stand alone, and they are ever the more polished diamond for it. They are AlunaGeorge, and this is Body Music.

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