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Single Review: Miranda Lambert – ‘Something Bad’ (Feat. Carrie Underwood)

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Something Bad is the latest release from Miranda Lambert’s forthcoming album Platinum. The tune is a duet and features country superstar Carrie Underwood right up alongside Lambert on vocal duties. This seems to be an interesting link up of talent on show. Lambert is your gritty, rough around the edges type of performer, whereas Underwood is perhaps cut from that more polished end of the cloth. Anyhow, after a few weeks of deliberation, Underwood finally jumped on ship with the idea and Something Bad was no longer an idea in the notebook.

Miranda Lambert - Something Bad ft. Carrie UnderwoodThe pair sport powerhouse voices, and both aren’t afraid of letting them rip here. Arguably the song is slightly steered by Lambert and Underwood is somewhat a passenger, however the song definitely lets both artists breathe life into it. So it wouldn’t come of a massive surprise to hear that Something Bad is just this – a mix of each of their particular styles.

It’s a modern take on country rock, a slithery number that sports some serious groove. The verses seem to slide along with that cowgirl attitude and are backed up by the hits of big old snare drums. It’s something that wouldn’t sit out of line in an Aerosmith or Guns n Roses number. The girls switch duties regularly to keep it interesting with some delicate phrasing, before the main hook of “woaaah’s” comes in followed by the chorus. It’s tightly put together, if a little forgetful.

Something Bad is a steady effort at bringing together two of the genres stars and is good for quick jig along the stereo, however it doesn’t show enough to make it a lasting hit. It’s just all a little too familiar, rushed almost. Never the less it packs attitude, showcases some serious vocal chords, and utilizes a great groove.