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Single Review: George Michael – ‘Going To A Town’

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For a songwriter, having one of your songs covered by an artist really does have to be one of the greatest forms of flattery. When it’s by someone as credible and iconic within the music world as George Michael, well, that is certainly a career highlight for any artist.

George Michael Going To A TownGoing To A Town is a song written and recorded by Canadian-American singer-songwriter and lyric extraordinaire Rufus Wainwright. Originally penned for the musicians’ 2007 studio album Release The Stars and released as the albums lead single, the track has crept from Wainwrights repertoire and into the nurturing hands of the Wham! legend to form part of the stars latest Symphonica tour and album release. Not just content with covering the track on stage, Michael has offered fans and music lovers alike the recorded cover as the albums sophomore single.

Having heard Michael perform this track live, the number always stood out as one of the finer additions to the set-list of the Symphonica tour and a song fitting for the music veteran and global icon to cover so it understandable why he would take it to the next level and release the track as a single to help push the Symphonica collection.

The original version and Michael’s take on the hit aren’t too dissimilar. The number is led by a melancholic and simple piano spine but the key to Michael’s rendition is the orchestral backdrop and frequent cinematic peaks that enter the track mid-way through as well as his use of backing vocalists who add a dramatic feel to the turmoil-fueled and angst-heavy track.

The tone is dark and Michael’s delivery of the track is nothing short of spectacular – but then again, everything the Faith hit-maker touches has always turned to gold and this track is no exception.