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Single Review: Miley Cyrus – ‘Younger Now’

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Photo: RCA Records/Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is going through somewhat of a sonic renaissance of late, linking perfectly together her country roots to her more notorious pop offerings. Younger Now is the first track to be taken from her incoming record of the same name, and is one of Miley’s most accomplished tracks to date.

 Allowing her phenomenal voice to take centre stage above gimmicks and controversy, Miley continues to silence anyone who brushed her off as a flash in the pan child star. Younger Now could do with having a slightly punchier chorus, but even in it’s current state is destined for heavy radio play and even heavier fan adoration.

Both the title and the lyrical content suggest Cyrus has gone through something of a creative rebirth, where all sentiments are genuine and from the heart. There’s nothing wrong with a contrived pop star, but this more down to earth approach will cement Miley Cyrus as the serious talent she always had the potential to be.

As someone who has in the past been vocal about their disdain for Miley, I now happily eat my words and would consider myself a fan – something I never thought would happen in this lifetime. Here’s hoping all those who wrote Cyrus off for owning her hyper-femininity a little too much follow in my footsteps and begin to embrace Miley’s newly unleashed image.