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Album Review: Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation

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Endless Summer Vacation is "another string to Miley’s unexpectedly powerful bow"... our full review here of the new album by Miley Cyrus

There aren’t many modern pop stars that could be considered a house hold name, but among the list is Miley Cyrus. Known to many for a myriad of different reasons, and for a plethora of different musical projects, Miley has continued to dominate the music industry for over 15 years, ever since her big break on the Disney channel. Her music and her voice have been on a never ending exploration, and this latest release is another example of an ever changing artist.

Lead single and smash-hit Flowers opens the album with a satisfying bang. It also introduces us to this album’s sound; a much more groove orientated, mainstream pop Miley. Following song Jaded leads with chorus rich guitars and a passionate vocal line. As the song builds, the chorus hits like a slap to the face, taking it one step further with the second chorus added backing harmonies that lift the melody to the next level. Miley’s lyrics remain rawly personal, and it’s refreshing to hear such a poppy song be so unabashed.

Thousand Miles features Brandi Carlile, and is probably the closest return to her country roots, in terms of her lyrics rather than the sound. ‘Driving around in a beat-up old Mercedes’ and ‘holding on like a rolling stone’ are lines that could have easily been lifted from one of her father’s songs. Brandie provides soaring backing harmonies, never overstating her presence. Sia’s presence on Muddy Feet is even more understated, but her melody at the end of the song brings levity to what is quite a dark tune. You brings swing to the album, Miley crooning over a waltzy beat, while Handstand goes more avant-garde, beginning with fuzzy synths and a spoken word passage. It transition into a more melody led song, but it isn’t long before synth takes full control of the song.

Endless Summer Vacation feels very much like another string to Miley’s unexpectedly powerful bow. Miles from the sounds of Bangerz, and even her last full length effort, this album slots assuredly into the pop sphere, pushing boundaries where it feels comfortable to, but without going too far. The quintessential part of the record that stands out above all else is Miley’s vocal performances. No matter the style or theme, she nails it every single time. Her voice is distinctive, and bring a gritty edge to what could have been just another pop record. For that alone it’s worth a listen.