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Album Review: Hozier – Eat Your Young

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Ireland-born Folk singer Hozier had his major breakthrough hit in 2013 with his multi-platinum song Take Me To Church, but his recently released EP Eat Your Young shows his song writing talent is undiminished and he’s still capable of creating catchy and fiery tunes.

The titular track is the clear highlight, with a hooky falsetto chorus and hard-hitting lyrics bleakly referencing the sacrifice of younger generations on the whims of the powerful, with lyrics such as “Skinning your children for the war drums” showing that Hozier’s streak of blending the political and personal in his words is still prevalent.

Coming on the heels of the title track is the Gospel-influenced All Things End, a meaningful look at the passage of time and the fading of love, with an incredibly soulful outro and sombre lyrics that reflect on how nothing, not even love is forever: “All we intend is drawn in the sand or slips right through our hands”.

To close out the EP, Hozier offers Through Me (The Flood). A song written in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic during a period of deep isolation for everyone, and the lyrics do not shy away from that. The track brings the listener on a visual journey, using evocative lines such as “Picture a grave, picture six feet freshly dug” to draw you in and invest you in the story.

In the space of just three songs, Hozier once again showcases his deep talent and impressive array of influences, reminding listeners on exactly why they loved his music in the first place whilst giving them something fresh to prove exactly why he is one of the most soulful musicians around.