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Single Review: McFly – ‘Love Is On The Radio’

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I have to admit that over the last few years, Mcfly have changed my opinion on boy bands, definitely for the better. Love Is on the Radio is a very catchy pop chart song, not the cheesiest tune you’re likely to be hearing but not exactly the hardest all the same.

McFly - Love Is On The RadioAs boy bands go of course, I do believe Mcfly conform to the generic studio sound of the top 40; Love Is on the Radio I’m sure is going to be belting out of radio stations (I’m not sure whether the pun is intended here) worldwide for its pop friendly and inoffensive sound to a mainstream listener.

On the other hand however, I do believe as a band, Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie all bring an element of suave and coolness to the pop genre. Love is on the radio is a fun harmless track, which does see a maturity in sound by the group. Dashes of indie folk over an inciting drumbeat exemplify this.

But it’s not only the songs that are appealing, as each member’s infectious personality and humour has gone hand in hand with their catchy hooks and musical direction. These factors have combined together and garnered them their success over the ten years Mcfly as a band have existed.

Love Is on the Radio solidifies the pop-rock roots Mcfly have established as their own, as well as dabbling softly into a little bit of a country edge on this track, which augments the more organized and developed approach the four musketeers definitely appear to be heading towards.