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Single Review: Mary Lambert – ‘Secrets’

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If anything is going to convince the world that it’s Mary Lambert’s time to shine in the spotlight, new single Secrets is going to be the catalyst that sparks off everything. The Seattle –based singer is one of those artists that’s been on the edge of fame for a while, and with the press bandwagon steadily rolling on, this new release is heavy on the feel-good and high in catchy hooks.

marylambert secretsRight from the start you get sucked in by the child-like feel of the track, cleverly built around the idea of insecurities taking over your life, many of which stem from childhood. Mary sticks two fingers up to feeling down about pressures and privacies, and urges the listener to do the same: ‘I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are…so what’.

Its simple, youthful nature is its charm, and with its plinky rhythms and up-beat melody, it really hits home. Taking a vocal style in the verses akin to Mark Oliver Elliot from rock band Eels, Mary almost speaks her way through lyrics about turning your back on the big bad world and what people think of you, and instead just be happy. In many cases this kind of message can be cheesy, but Mary delivers it with such aplomb and zest that it comes across as if its never been done before.

Secrets is a song about confidence, and Mary Lambert has this in bucket loads. She’s got the vocals to belt out a number or two, but doesn’t even need to use it here due to the song being so strong on its own.  Mary’s on her way up, and nothing is going to stop her taking the world by storm.