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Single Review: Maroon 5 – ‘Sugar’

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US pop/rockers Maroon 5 continue to enjoy the success their fifth studio album V has brought them since September last year, with two singles Maps and Animals breaking the Top 20 internationally and the album itself debuting at number on on the US Billboard 200. The group have recently dropped V‘s third single, Sugar.

Maroon 5 - SugarAs far as pop singles go, Sugar plays it pretty safe with its synthed up introduction and overall Katy Perry-esque beat/sound. The track can make itself very comfortable on the radio as it can easily fall into the endless cloud of mainstream pop; over the last few years M5 have made themselves right at home with pop smash hits such as Moves Like Jagger and Payphone, hearing something like this from them these days isn’t anything unfamiliar. Adam Levine’s falsetto once again hits the spot, this guy hits notes that capture you, that’s for sure; its accompanying video is cheesy, the band was filmed crashing various weddings across LA.

Sugar is neither groundbreaking or different to what we hear from the charts, but that’s what makes it a suitable single release; it’s catchy, you can compare similarities between it and those of other artists (Teenage Dream, Birthday…) and its lyrics are simple and easy to follow. Maroon 5 continue to do what they do best, which is to release a decent and addictive pop track to appeal to the masses.