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Single Review: Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex

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Just over a year after their admirable sophomore album Get Weird was released, Little Mix are already gearing up to release their third album, Glory Days. And if it feels like it’s too soon or you have any qualms about its quality, rest assured; Shout Out To My Ex is here to counter your fears.

Little Mix Shout Out To My ExTheir latest single opens similarly to any dance pop track, with aggressive synths, a simple beat and sampled squeals, but quickly transforms into something a little different. Bringing in an acoustic guitar and a more stable beat for the chorus, it builds into something almost akin to a folk track, almost completely abandoning the dance atmosphere for something more natural. Its verses continue to follow the same formula after this, though with the acoustic guitar added in. As usual, the girls’ vocals all sound fantastic as well, and the crossing of genres has done nothing to make them sound out of place or questionable in any way; the vocalising near the climax of the song is easily the defining moment that ties it all together.

Shout Out To My Ex borders on something quite strange for the debut single of an era, but it’s ultimately a successful little experiment that is hopefully a sign of some good things to come for Little Mix. Their quality isn’t showing any signs of dropping yet, and with less than a month until Glory Days is released, it won’t be long til we see just how strong their comeback will really be.