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Single Review: Dami Im – ‘Fighting For Love’

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The latest single from the 2013 Australian X-Factor winner Dami Im, could be best described as an indecisive, bittersweet endeavour. After releasing 3 studio records since her crowning achievement in the fifth season of the X factor series, the south-Korean-born songstress returns toward the end of 2016 with a disheartening involvement in radio airwave commercial drivel.

Dami Im - Fighting For LoveDami Im can sing, there is no denying the freakish qualities her powerful vocals can deliver. It’s perhaps understanding and expecting this, that makes the reality of her latest single Fighting For Love, so difficult to consume. The single is a tremendous divergence from the eloquent and tactful efforts visited in her third album Classic Carpenters; released earlier this year. Fighting For Love, instead, enters the deep waters of commercial pop sprinkled with cheap and artificial instrumental layerings. Generic and expected piano stabs make themselves at home as Dami begins meandering through lyrical hardships concerning mutual connection and “lighting sparks in the dark”. This is all to the aid of a tedious and mere EDM bouncing bass line. Her clear vocal qualities are wasted on this three and a half minute air-wave dominator, with a series of filtered builds and “drops” claiming the recycled momentum of the track. A completely unnecessary electronic sample blooms around the vocal hooks, and succeeds in ruining any prospects of potential as Dami repeatedly reminds us of what she’s fighting for.

The track is disappointing in the most obvious way; a talented singer embracing the EDM-pop wave and substituting hard work for fake emotion. If you’re just finding out about Dami Im, hopefully, it’s for her respectable and polished releases. Sadly, Fighting For Love is neither of these.