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Single Review: Lily Allen – ‘Our Time’

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Lily Allen had been sorely missed during her hiatus, and it was very interesting to hear that she was going back to work to deliver some new material to her fans after such a long time away from it all. Now a mother of two, it is possible to expect a change in either or both her musical and lyrical style. In anticipation of the release of her long-awaited third studio album Sheezus, Lily Allen released a new video and announced that Our Time will be the third single from the album. Is it a worthy choice? 

Lily Allen Our TimeWith Our Time, Lily is staying true to the cheesy pop theme she has had going with previous singles; we’ve had the public stab at today’s music industry plus deliberate auto tune with Hard Out Here, and we weren’t quite sure if we were meant to be singing along about tripping on party drugs or not whilst listening to the boppy Air Balloon. New single Our Time is just as radio friendly as Air Balloon, but perhaps comes across as too cheesy to the common listener; but by now the world should know Lily Allen and how sometimes it can be hard to determine whether the singer is being serious or sarcasm when having her say.

The lyrics may go on about partying the night away because the weekend’s arrived, but you just have to pick up the sarcasm as Lily rolls off all the kinds of music she owns, even in the video she rolls her eyes as she admits to having everything that came out on Def Jam, along with hip hop and dub step. But hey, maybe Lily is into those genres, who knows?  The track has the potential to be a hit and be heard everywhere, you manage to get all parts of the song stuck in your head without the ability to block it out; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a relatively nice listen.

Lily Allen continues to nail it with her pre Sheezus tasters, Our Time is very catchy and almost too addictive to listen to. Whether you buy the single or wait until you have bought the album, without a doubt you’ll be singing to the song in no time. It is yet another poppy Lily song that you can’t help but want to sing along with whilst putting on your best Cockney accent you can muster. Sheezus will be released in early May.