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Single Review: Keith Urban – ‘Shame’

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Keith Urban, the multi-talented singer-songwriter who has been winning our hearts since 1991 with his self titled first album Keith Urban, is now making a return! After three years of silence, Urban is now back among us – and making it clear whenever he can that this album is his opportunity to experiment with genres and his songwriting in general, and that we should be expecting some interesting new sounds and feelings from the already very interesting Keith Urban.

KeithUrbanFuseThe fourth track on this album, Shame, also released as a single – is a stripped down, raw and generally fantastic song. It’s simplistic in the way that it has Keith’s distinctive vocals, guitar, drums, and bass and very little other than that classic rock band set up. But it’s this simplicity that gives the song its real strength. Within listening to the song twice you’ve memorized most of the lyrics, and can’t get the chorus out of your head. By the time you’ve listened to it the thirtieth time (which I guarantee you will want to) you’ll know and love every single guitar line, drum fill and lyric as if you’d written the song yourself.

Shame has the potential to be a shining star of a single, that could rocket up the charts if given the proper attention. Keep in mind though, if you’re going to this song looking for something that fits the “country, country pop” wikipedia description of Urban – you should probably keep moving. If not, come on in and enjoy a single that I can guarantee will be making waves in the not too distant future.

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Keith Urban – ‘Shame’

  1. Brilliant … Thankyou for review Nick … Love Keith in any genre and will be looking for Shame on radio. Have my record pre-ordered,and from snippets of songs have fallen in love with ‘Come Back to Me’

    1. Cheers, glad you enjoyed the review! And I’ve got to say I enjoyed that song too, but you’ll find that all of the album is pretty darn amazing – hope you enjoy it as much as you have based on the previews. :)

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