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Album Review: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

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There once was a time when hip-hop was the ruling force in determining trends and styles. Those invested in the world of hip-hop and rap music could always count themselves as ahead of the mainstream. While hip hop, as a genre, still holds this status, some of today’s hip-hop stars seem to be lost in a world of fads.

Trap LordJust the title A$AP Ferg’s debut album is enough to let the listeners know what they are in store for. Trap music has become the latest fad of the EDM craze. With slightly slower tempos with sharper cutting percussion hits, trap music has found its place in the clubs and hearts of many. Here, Ferg clearly proclaims himself as the lord of all trap music, but upon listening to the album in its entirety, this is in no way a substantiated claim.

The album has been released, and has charted well. Critics have praised the album for the most part, but by the end of this year Trap Lord will be largely forgotten. Sure, on the surface, the album has charm but when each track is dissected the album becomes more of a laughable mess than anything else.

The gratuitous references to women, lean and “molly” do not help to give this album any credibility, and instead lump it among a pile of degenerate music that does nothing to add to today’s current music zeitgeist. It seems as though Ferg is doing nothing more than riding the coattails of his more successful counterpart A$AP Rocky.

There are a few shining moments on Trap Lord; the previously released single Work fits in nicely with other current trap chart toppers, while the swaying Cocaine Castle provides an emotive and successful close to the album. However, when these songs come together, Trap Lord comes off as a far cry from housing itself on any kind of throne.

There has to come a time when producing a collection of 13 songs, all of which make use of the same themes and references to drugs and women, will no longer be considered as “revolutionary rap music.” Trap Lord is amateur and childish. Don’t waste your time when other hip hop artists are doing a better job of bringing the genre to the masses with more inventive methods and rhymes.

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