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Single Review: Jessie Ware – ‘Champagne Kisses’

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Can Jessie do no wrong? She seems to be on top of the world recently; collaborations with Ed Sheeran and contributions to Nicki Minaj albums would have fed the ego of the most shy and introvert person, but Jessie just keeps going like it’s all part of the day job – a true sign of the professional. 2015 see’s Jessie release new track Champagne Kisses, and with it we’re treated to the sounds of a lust for life.

jessie ware champagne kissesCleverly timed and paced beats open the track before Jessie’s trademark vocals flood your ears and slide around your head in a typically hypnotizing fashion. Even before the main crux of the song kicks in with it’s electro synths and layered vocals, the 80s feel is tantalizingly slick and sophisticated. The track creates a message of love and protection backed up with openness and honesty as Jessie sings: ‘I count every kiss till I’m finally sleeping’. It’s one of those tracks that you can’t help smiling to yourself as you listen, as it seeps under your skin and sails through your entire body.

Ending leaving the listener wanting more, it doesn’t overstay its welcome and creates an essence of ‘to be continued’. This is a rare and powerful skill that is not often seen in music these days, most opting for a more ‘in your face’ or standard song structure.

Jessie keeps getting better and better, and Champagne Kisses is testament to her unique yet vibrant style.