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Single Review: Jennifer Hudson – ‘I Can’t Describe’ (Feat. T.I)

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After a busy few years that have included acting gigs and live performances, Jennifer Hudson has released her first single in two years. It’s hard not to love Hudson’s voice; her spectacular vocals first came to worldwide acclaim in the movie Dreamgirls. In particular, And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going thrust Hudson into the spotlight and she has been adored by fans worldwide ever since. With her previous two albums debuting at the top of the charts and achieving huge success around the globe, her new album has been anticipated by many.

JenniferHudson-ICan'tDescribeJennifer shows us that she’s not all ballads and tear-jerkers with her latest single, I Can’t Describe. Produced by Pharrell Williams, this song has been described as “70s style soulful dance”. Whilst that might seem like a strange collection of words, it sums up I Can’t Describe perfectly. Hudson shows off her sexy and sassy side with this fun number that will have you dancing in no time. Unlike other collaborations, the inclusion of T.I is actually necessary and works so well with the vibe of the track. The lyrics feel like they should be cliche, but are actually quite unique and don’t make you feel bored halfway through the song, like many pop songs do these days.

I Can’t Describe is a fantastic single from Jennifer Hudson. Its got a great pop/r&b feel, but is unique to what so many other artists are doing today. If this single is anything to go by, her new album will be one not to be missed!