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Single Review: James Morrison – ‘Demons’

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James Morrison isn’t known for showing his off his sombre tones, but Demons really takes on a darker twist to what we’re used to from the singer, and manages to add another layer of ability to his song writing with his new track. It’s not as if it’s a complete change is style or music, but it seems a bit of fresh air has been blown into the track, which helps remind you what a talented man James is. His usual soulful, high pitch combination of which he is famous for is still here in full flow, and balanced on top of this is a simple hypnotic sample of ‘I got demons’ picking up throughout.

James Morrison Demons

With James’ reflective tone in the lyrics, it leaves you thinking about what’s happened to him lately, as he sings ‘I closed my eyes and talk to god and pray that you can save my soul’. Spirituality is a major theme throughout, and seems to culminate into a reminder of our own mortality, with James fighting away the darkness, as he sings of an angel watching over him.

Demons sees Morrison in unknown territory, but he’s really put is heart into this and it shows. When you believe in something so strongly, it can come though in whatever you create, and it certainly has done here.