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Single Review: James Blunt – ‘Postcards’

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James Blunt has been extremely busy since the release of his fourth studio album Moon Landing late last year. The British vocalist has begun his world tour of the album, and makes headlines for taking on sarcastic critics on Twitter almost as often as for his music. James Blunt has had huge successes with his first two singles Bonfire Heart and Heart To Heart,  both of which reached top 10 charts around the world. Whilst critics were mixed on their reviews of Moon Landing, will new single Postcards manage to put a smile on everyone’s faces?

James Blunt - PostcardsPostcards begins with the familiar Blunt everyone knows: just a piano and his voice. This may fool the audience into thinking this track will divert from Blunt’s recent radio-friendly pop to a more serious ballad. But the chorus bursts into a charming energetic chorus, accompanied by a ukulele. This laid back vibe set by the ukulele is what sets Postcards apart from Bonfire Heart and Heart To Heart. The bridge may have slightly clunky transition back into the chorus, but this is barely noticeable when you’re bopping away. The lyrics feature the sweet sentiments and emotional depth that fans have come to love from Moon Landing.

Postcards delivers a refreshing new take on the pop genre from James Blunt. Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, this catchy tune will put a smile on your dial whenever you listen to it.