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Single Review: Jackson McLaren And The Triple Threat – ‘Some Of My Friends’

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Originating from Melbourne, Jackson McLaren And The Triple Threat have the distinct sound of a band that belongs decades before 2013. Some Of My Friends is a very instrumental track with the title being a recurring phrase throughout. The sound sonically depicts the resurgence of new school folk and country composed in dramatic fashion.

Jackson McLaren Some of My FriendsOver the last couple of years we’ve seen the rise of England’s Mumford and Sons, so why can’t Jackson McLaren And The Triple Threat be Australia’s alternative version? Whether that’s the direction the band are looking to head towards is another question, but when listening to Some Of My Friends, I couldn’t help but think about the new folk singer songwriter similarities the song conveys.

The pleasant use of violin and drums indulges us in a record where our ears can only too easily listen. Some Of My Friends is likeable and easygoing, albeit with the repetitiveness of the song title (which is said about 63 times), slightly annoying throughout the duration. Still, I would suggest an eager indie folk music fan to give the band, aswell as the song, a snoop; Jackson McLaren And The Triple Threat appear to be doing something that steers away from the mainstream notion of ‘good music’. And I for one like that.