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Single Review: John Mayer – ‘Who You Love’ (feat. Katy Perry)

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Who You Love is the third single from Mayer’s sixth album Paradise Valley. Written by Perry and Mayer together, the track is about accepting who you fall in love with.

What a heartfelt declaration of love guys. I mean, you’re stuck with that someone you fall in love with, so accept them as they are?

John Mayer Who You LoveI kind of see where they were going with this, ctonsidering Perry’s release of Unconditionally earlier this year. Who You Know sort of has the same message, but Unconditionally is about loving that person without fail or judgment, and Who You Love sounds more like Perry and Mayer are trying to make peace with their decisions about each other.

As for the music, for me the song never captures that wistful country feel Mayer brings to his music. It never really builds, and stays in relaxed mode all the way to the end.  Its easy listening encompassed, making it only an add on to Mayer’s already great list of tracks, instead of a bar raising new track.

Earlier this year Mayer released Wildfire, from the same album which was catchy and joyful. Who You love is neither of these things, and doesn’t even make it to the romantic sensual Your Body is a Wonderland area.

Also Perry’s vocals, which should be a positive feature of this track, are minimal as well. Perry may as well be someone who isn’t in love with Mayer, because of how passive her contribution is.

The track ends up being unromantic, slow and unimpressionable. The music is as laidback as the message it sends, providing me with not a good feeling for the two ‘lovebirds’.

An average song from what should be a dynamic duo.