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Single Review: Foxes – ‘Let Go For Tonight’

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Well there it is.  January is already over and 2014 is in full swing. With most people’s New Year resolutions of exercising more and eating healthily probably starting to crumble like ancient Rome (don’t be hard on yourself, you lasted a month), Foxes is here to keep your spirits high and forget about all the active nonsense with upbeat new single Let Go For Tonight.

Foxes-LetGoForTonightThe beautiful and talented Foxes (real name Louisa Rose Allen) is on form in this song.  The vocals are strong and help show what a talented artist she is, and leads the way to high expectations for her debut album Glorious, being released in 2014.

Let Go For Tonight is about exactly what the title suggests, being free, doing what you want, and to hell with normal life and all its boring buttoned-down attitudes. Now this isn’t a new idea for a song, having been done before by countless artists, a lot, but Foxes expertly crafts this pop/dance tune with such an uplifting and party-laden atmosphere that it really doesn’t matter.

The song grabs you, gently builds you up, and leads you to an all out thumping chorus that will have you up on your feet, whether you’re at a club at 3am in the morning, or in front of your computer screen on youtube.  It kind of reminds me of a coming together between Bastille and Florence and the Machine, with its bass drums and 80s tinged synths, not a bad mix by all counts.

The lyrics are pretty basic, but don’t fall into the realms of being too cheesy, the track relying more on the instruments and vocals as the focal point rather than clever wordplay.  This is a good start for Foxes and if this is anything to go by, 2014 is going to be a big year for her.