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Album Review: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

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With their past releases of Take Off Your Colours, Hold Me Down and Sinners Never Sleep, British rock band, You Me At Six release Cavalier Youth, an album anticipated by many fans worldwide. The young lads have been working on the production of this album since June of last year and it’s quite clear they have not dropped the ball this time. They have taken a new direction with their music, focusing more on their pop rock style whilst showing more consistency in the developed tracks and regardless what anybody says, they are far from being an underdog band.

YouMeAtSix-CavalierYouthToo Young To Feel This Old and Cold Night are tracks that encompass the flawless and perfectly timed rock music, showering and devouring over Josh’s incredible vocals, creating a wanderlust feel. Darker toned songs such as Fresh Start Fever, Forgive and Forget and Room To Breathe establish You Me At Six’s fierce and valiant heart-pounding hard rock roots with expressive and emotive lyrics. Hope For The Best is notably one of their best tracks off the album. With its simplicity and empathetic lyrics, it wholeheartedly explains the war between the intelligent mind and the courageous heart, hoping for the best in the worst circumstances. Ending on a high note, the album concludes with Wild Ones, showcasing a softer and kinder sound that not only makes it a pleasantry charm for the ears, but it’s like taking in a fresh breath of air that feeds the hungry yearning of wanting to be alive.

Ultimately, You Me At Six have released something incredible and soul-searchingly beautiful. From Josh’s eloquent way of writing moving lyrics with his refined vocals as well as the band’s transitional changes from heavy, dark toned songs to soft rock ballads, Cavalier Youth is the peak of the band’s music career and with the amount of dedication and love contributed into making this release, accentuates the fact that they have made a careful selection of songs that not only explain a way of life, but something that signifies great honesty and realness.