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Single Review: Foo Fighters – ‘Something From Nothing’

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I can’t even believe what I’m about to write. I am a Foo Fighters fan. I am a Dave Grohl fan. I am a Nirvana fan, a Queens of the Stoneage fan and a Them Crooked Vultures fan. Dave Grohl is always my answer to “What celebrity would you invite to a dinner party?” He is a legend, and Foo Fighters are, in my opinion, one of the only great rock bands left. And that is why I can’t believe what I’m about to write. Their new single, Something From Nothing? – I don’t love it.

Foo Fighters Something From NothingI know, I know. How can I even say that? But it’s the truth. It’s not bad, I just don’t love it. And from the Foo Fighters, that ain’t good enough. Admittedly I’m not one that is drawn to the heavy side of heavy metal. Or the metal. My favourite Fooey’s songs have always been the more stripped back and mellow, say Times Like These or Wheels. My acoustic version of Everlong got way more play time than the original and I never warmed nearly as much to tracks like The Pretender. Call me a romantic. Having said that, I love it when a song builds to the heavy stuff and really earns it. There’s nothing like a full blown instrument assault when it’s done well and Foo Fighters do it better than anyone. Take Best Of You as an example of what I mean as a balance of the dynamics. Love it!

But Something From Nothing takes too long to get there. It rides the stark twang of the guitar a little too long and the melody in the pre-chorus almost sounds like something from a particularly tricky level on a video game. Full of doom and forboding that is mostly gone to waste. It settles into a heavier chorus that initially isn’t heavy enough, rather than hitting us in the face with it. Like something’s missing. The last 60 seconds of the track is where Something For Nothing really finds it’s legs, but by then I’m too underwhelmed to appreciate it.

There are spots where Foo Fighters greatness shines through. Taylor Hawkin’s drums are killer as always, and there is nothing better than hearing the familiar sound of Grohl wailing in full, spectacular voice. We definitely get a taste of it, in the final moments at least. But it’s not enough. From a lesser band this would be a fine song, but from these boys, the bar has been set so much higher. But hey, a bad day for the Foo Fighters is still better than a great day for most, and I wouldn’t even call this bad. I just don’t love it.

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  1. Love The foo fighters! I simply can’t get enough of them and I’m super excited for Sonic Highways. 11.10 is going to be a good day for new music!

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