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Single Review: Ellie Goulding – ‘Still Falling For You’

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It still hasn’t been a year since we saw the release of Delirium, but following extensive touring Ellie Goulding finds herself releasing her first but of new music since with a single for the Bridget Jones’s Baby soundtrack. Still Falling For You isn’t far off from what you might expect from Goulding with a few questionable production choices thrown on top, but it’s got enough spark to stand even with most mid-tempo songs from the album itself.

Ellie Goulding Still Falling For YouStill Falling For You has a few misleading moments on first listen, but makes more sense after giving it a complete listen. It starts as a light ballad, with nothing but some light synths and some sparkling effects backing her vocals, but quickly swaps modes as crashing pianos dominate the chorus, going for a similar minimal effect with a very different tone. It eventually gains some R&B beats in its second verse, but by its second chorus becomes a buzzing electronic mid-tempo, taking on a much more upbeat style, only really transforming back into a ballad for its string-laden outro, which combines all of the elements into one big finale.

It’s a somewhat confusing collection of styles, and initially seems like a strange choice for Bridget Jones’s Baby, but it manages to hold its ground amongst Goulding’s recent tracks anyway. The messy production comes together after the first listen, and it becomes a much more enjoyable package; not the best thing Goulding has ever done, but Still Falling For You is enjoyable enough regardless.