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Single Review: Drake (feat. Sampha) – ‘Too Much’

2 min read

Too Much is sentimental and poignant. The track goes into some really personal areas for Drake, including his family and his own stresses.

But I’m listening, trying to get a beat on it and I’m not getting much. I’m turning it up loud – it’s up full ball, and the track still doesn’t really have any impact on me.

Drake Too MuchIt could be the lack of bass, the ballad feeling the piano-led music has, or the soft tones of Sampha corresponding to the rather purposeful harsher rapping from Drake; but it’s a track that ends up washing over me.

Too Much will be the sixth single from Drake’s latest album Nothing Was the Same. Another single from the album, Hold on We’re Going Home, also has a softer sentiment, but it’s got a catchy hook that showcases Drake’s boy band standard vocal talent on top of some full and intense percussive beats to keep up the momentum.

Too Much lacks all this, even though Sampha’s vocals are beautiful. For me his chorus vocals and Drake’s verses a cut off from each other, instead of working together to give us the message.

On saying that I can listen to it again and again, taking more and more from it every time as I grapple with Drake and Sampha’s softness and the genuine message.  So maybe I’m a couple of listens away from thinking it’s musical genius.

But for now it’s just OK.