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Single Review: Rizzle Kicks – ‘Happy That You’re Here’

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Finally, a Christmas song from Rizzle Kicks. Wait, actually, that’s not a thing I’ve been waiting for/expected at all. Oh well, it happened, and the result was a catchy, relatable tune.

Rizzle Kicks Happy That Youre HeerHappy That You’re Here is a Christmas themed track giving a more youthful perspective – but not youthful as in wide-eyed, waiting for Santa, childlike innocence, but youthful as in iPhones, hoodies and not really caring about much of the usual traditions.

Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule of Rizzle Kicks said of the track, “It’d be easy to fall into writing a Christmas song that’s all ‘sleigh bells and reindeers’, but I think exploring some of the minor difficulties that come hand in hand with Christmas is more relatable on a larger scale.”

Some of these difficulties include the fact that “Christmas dinner isn’t free” – but luckily in the song, this was then rhymed with a nicer sentiment (and wonderful play on words) “When your presence [presents] is good enough for me.”

So I guess it’s a song about people, and how enjoying each other is the value of Christmas for Rizzle Kicks – and probably a lot of us iPhone using, hoodie wearing youths.

The song itself is trademark Rizzle Kicks, with a lazy pace, call and response verses and the signature trumpet playing underneath the melody. It’s bluesy and jazzy, in a definite Rizzle Kicks’ way – avoiding all Christmas song genre standards – except a couple of jingles in the beginning and end.