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Single Review: DeadMau5 – ‘Suckfest9001’

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Deadmau5 is a man that’s been making progressive waves in the house and dance scene over the last ten years. Already with six albums behind him, Suckfest 9001 is another example of the generic yet catchy anthems Deadmau5 is accustomed to producing.

Deadmau5 - We Are Friends Vol 2Obviously not for the confinement of four walls or enclosed spaces, this track is bursting with festival vibes and a feel good factor; you can picture yourself beverage in hand with the wellies on prancing around a field not giving a care in the world. It starts off very bouncy indeed, every bit the feel of a dance track waiting to unleash it’s sound onto the masses. The pace begins to increase with short but sharp intervals, almost breaking the song up into sectors.

As soon as I began to listen I felt like summer was all around me; the beat gives you a no worries feel, all is good with the world. If you want to be cheered up, listen to the track, Deadmau5 will guarantee by the end of the seven minutes you’ll be bopping along forgetting the fact you’re in formal attire and it’s the start of another boring Monday morning at work.

Suckfest9001 is a good listen. Repetitive at times, as some dance tracks can go, but a light relief to the eardrums all the same, song with such happy and free overtones can’t be too bad now can it.