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Single Review: Colin Macleod – ‘California’

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The state of California has inspired many classic tracks from acts like The Mamas and the Papas, The Beach Boys, the Eagles, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2Pac and Katy Perry. So, Colin Macleod has a lot to live up to, as he has his own composition titled California off his EP The Anchor.

Colin Macleod CaliforniaThe singer-songwriter formerly known as ‘The Boy Who Trapped The Sun’ has created a poignant track to wake up to after a night lying in a holiday house or on the sand.

Tender acoustic guitar picking, the odd country guitar riff and Macleod’s unforced vocal performance recall Led Zeppelin’s Going to California, with the exception of Robert Plant’s yelping. Stylistically, Macleod’s own California is therefore not that original, as it merely adds to what is already there.

However, Macleod’s song is still a pleasant listen. Despite a barely-there ‘Cali-fo-ooo-rnia’ chorus and a sudden ending, the verses feature a natural melody that rises beautifully. The lyrics about a longing for California (at least its areas near the ocean) to get away from the daily grind are plain yet relatable.

The recording is refreshingly organic, as observant listeners can hear the guitar strings vibrate and even Macleod’s breathing during its contemplative instrumental bridge.

It is apparent from California that Colin Macleod recorded his EP in a bus that overlooked the ocean, as this track evokes the sun, the sand and the water. This track is one of many that feature a folksy acoustic-guitar arrangement and the theme of California as a dreamy escape. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in adding this track to a beach road trip soundtrack.