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Album Review: Eric Paslay – Eric Paslay

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American Country singer, Eric Paslay has successfully released his self-titled album and it’s clear that he has a humbling presence when it comes to making records. Listening to his music brings a sort of peaceful atmosphere to the world, wonderfully clearing the mind with a heartwarming feel. It’s interesting to note that he in fact graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree back in 2005 but in spite of it all, he still followed his true passion and that is becoming a country musician.

Eric Paslay Eric PaslayIt was only two years ago since he signed a contract with EMI Nashville and this has led him to many outstanding opportunities whilst forming important connections and networks within the music industry. His passionate nature towards making country music has in fact enabled him to release something worthwhile for people to enjoy. Even if you don’t like country music, this album can certainly help convert you.

With a catchy banjo introduction, Friday Night, is a fun-filled track that showcases Paslay’s joyous vocals. It’s clear that the musician has a simplistic approach towards making tracks like this one because the chorus is simple and sweet. There’s a tender and warming feel to it which eliminates the stereotyped expectations of country music being too “hilly-billy”. In fact, it’s thoroughly impressive as it caters to the modernized style of today’s Country music.

Resonating a slow and calming presence, Less Than Whole is a meaningful and beautifully crafted song. Its main theme is on forgiveness, reminding people that they need to step back and see the whole picture of everything before they make assumptions that their inability to forgive is impossible. It’s a well-thought out track because the lyrics bring a positive impact and an important moral that sometimes to forgive is to feel whole again. Again, simplicity is key for the man himself and with this approach towards his first album, it is already a wonderful accomplishment.

It’s evident that Paslay’s vocals deliver an unwinding and relaxed vibe and when Country Side of Heaven is heard, you could mistake this track as a lullaby. It’s a very well-structured song that progressively improves, with the instruments perfectly acquainting his vocals, creating yet another peaceful addition to the record. Good With Wine follows the same pattern, except it’s a lively number, displaying a different side to his slow-paced tracks. It brings a vibrant performance, showing consistency in Paslay’s work ethic within his music.

For a first album, Eric Paslay kicks off his music career with an impressive start. With the simplicity and depth of his songs as well as his successful way of creating music that encompasses a sense of tranquility, there’s no doubt that he will breeze through and top the charts in the country music genre.