Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

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Single Review: Chrissie Hynde – ‘Adding the Blue’

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The Pretenders songstress Chrissie Hynde returns to our ears with new solo effort Adding the Blue, but does it manage to encapsulate the listener like the many other tracks she is known for?

chrissieThe answer is yes. With words and powerful imagery based around art and painting, she conjures up pictures without the need for a brush or oils. Her tool is her voice and she slaps on the colour while hiding behind a sombre tone with powerful lyrics: “I need blood and breath, but you left me nothing’.

It’s the insightfulness and knowing that the song means something to her that keeps the listener intrigued, and although it might not feature the catchy hooks of times gone by, she still manages to play with sultry, silky vocals as they effervesce up through the main body of the song.

Adding the Blue is one of those ballads that would sound great driving on an empty road at night time, as you make a fool of yourself trying to sing along in tune, but not caring as you’re the only one in the car. It’s that sort of letting go mentality in Chrissie’s music that keeps her going, and keeps us buying her music.