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Single Review: Caro Emerald – ‘I Belong To You’

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If you haven’t heard of Netherland’s little gem, Caro Emerald, now’s your chance. Releasing her second studio album The Shocking Miss Emerald last May, it’s latest single I Belong To You is sure to sweep you off your feet. With The Shocking Miss Emerald already earning the #1 spot in the UK’s album chart in April, the Dutch pop and jazz singer’s latest album has produced other great singles like Tangled Up and Liquid Lunch.

Caro Emerald - I Belong To YouJazz and Pop are two completely different genres, some aspects of one quite jarring compared to the other. However, the way Emerald blends her smooth, sultry voice with such a catchy accompaniment provided by the strings, brass section and synthesised beat, is sure to remind the listener of similar artists like Michael Bublé and Swedish star Miss Li.

The track itself beautifully portrays that great longing that lingers when that special someone is away. As the words ‘I belong to you’ are emphasised in every chorus there’s as much desperation, lust and love in the way Emerald articulates the phrase. The little flicks of the record create a more modern vibe and acts like a complimentary beat to assist the current one carrying the song.

With a morose music video to match, I Belong To You is quite an enjoyable single, and it seems like the artist’s newest album is doing a good job of upholding her reputation. Emerald’s debut lead her to keeping the #1 spot for 30 weeks in the Netherlands and if more tracks like this come along, Emerald’s latest album is sure to earn just as much, if not more success than her debut album.