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Album Review: Daughtry – Baptized

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Daughtry are back with their new release, Baptized, and this album takes on a new direction from their old post-grunge roots to a more pop rock focus for the band. The behind-the-scenes producer, Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls, helped produced and also assisted the band into writing up their songs for this recent release and it’s safe to say that Martin has had a strong influence on the band by stringing them towards the love ballads and love songs that can be surely favoured by anyone. It’s honestly a privilege itself because this band would have not existed if it were not for Chris Daughtry making it all happen and for that, the band should be complemented on their hard efforts and pride into releasing their fourth studio album, Baptized. They’ve come a long way with their music and it’s pretty much given that they would not have expanded their music career without time, commitment and patience.

Daughtry - BaptizedThe opening track of the album is Baptized and this track highly emphasises the quality of Chris Daughtry’s vocals. As an American Idol contestant, people should not underestimate what the frontman is capable of because in this song, he belts out a whopping chorus that pretty much acknowledges to any listener out there that Chris and his band are back in the game and they’re not going to let anyone step in the way of that. Then comes along, Waiting For Superman, which is the first single they released to promote the album. The track itself has a perfect balance of pop and rock elements and this may come off as a surprise for people that followed them in their post-grunge phase. This shouldn’t be seen in a negative light because they still have a strong alternative focus as well in the whole album.

What can be noticeably distinguished in this album is the amount of tracks that encompass a happier vibe, which makes it an invigorating release if someone needs a quick pick-me-up to get through the day. Titled tracks such as Battleships, I’ll Fight and Wild Heart are most notably the songs that stand out off the album because the choruses belted by Chris are nothing short of cheerful and sheer enthusiasm. Some of the music used in these songs have a little synth but it doesn’t take away the quality and the uniqueness given off from the tracks.

Broken Arrows is a beautiful ballad track and it has a sad tone to the track but it really highlights the peak of Chris Daughtry’s vocals and how heartwarming the talented singer is. People will fall in love with its simplicity because the piano playing throughout the song dominates the track as well as the use of violins here and there. It purely highlights the passion Chris Daughtry has with his singing talent and that is a trait every fan should admire and love.

Overall, Baptized is a little different for people that have followed the post-grunge roots from Daughtry’s previously released albums but in all honesty, it really does illustrate the hard work and effort put into this album and Martin Johnson should be credited for helping the band successfully reach that strong pop rock focus in this album. In the light of the music world, this can only be seen as a good thing from Daughtry and even if people do not grow to love this album, satisfaction guaranteed that many others will acknowledge and appreciate the band’s new direction in their musical style/genre. Nonetheless, Baptized is a solid and well-produced album which encompasses Chris Daughtry’s magnificent vocals as well as the striving passion the band has to offer in the realities of the tough music industry.

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