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Single Review: Calvin Harris – ‘Pray To God’ (Feat. HAIM)

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Dance master Calvin Harris is known for being able to make a song work no matter what the situation, and he weaves his magic again on the Haim featuring track Pray To God. Many could be forgiven for thinking Harris was going one step too far by enlisting the help of the indie darlings Haim on his new single, but the risk has paid off in a spectacular way.

Calvin Harris MotionIt’s no surprise when you look at it really. Haim’s distinctive vocals are a perfect match for Harris’ style, with pop overtones and seamless harmonising making for a pleasing blend against the EDM backdrop. The track starts with eerie organ before the vocals kick in against eye of the tiger guitar plinks, creating a tense but pleasing build-up. This allows the Haim girls to play with the song the way they do best – by managing to find rhythms where others wouldn’t. Calvin thens pulls it altogether with a typically bombastic and catchy chorus that takes the track up to the next level.

Haim also bring a more lyrically interesting feel to the song, and you actually find yourself trying to hear the words more than usual for a dance track, opting for deep and meaningful over partying and hedonism. It sounds like 80s Madonna with a bright twist, which can be nothing but a good thing.

Both sets of artists are influencing each other on Pray to God and it’s really worked. The track is one of Harris’ most complete efforts and shows his talent and skill is growing every time he releases a new record. If this is anything to go by, lets hope they do another collaboration in the future.