Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

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Single Review: Avicii – ‘Waiting For Love’

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There’s something about listening to Avicii that gets me in the feels, and hearing his latest single is no exception. Co-produced by Martin Garrix and featuring vocals from Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost, Waiting For Love is the third single release from the Swedish EDM producer’s upcoming album Stories.

AviciiWaitingForLoveThis track comes across as a journey that starts in melancholy and ends in jubilation through a process of lulls and build ups. Aldred lays down a message of hope “And if there’s love in this life there’s no obstacle/That can’t be defeated” but the vocal chorus gives a sense of emptiness that yearns to be filled: “Monday left me broken/Tuesday I was through with hoping.”

From the first three aggressive piano chords you can tell that the song ahead is going to soar at some point. With a steady pulsing beat and a recurring melodic hook, it’s sure to become a festival and dance floor anthem. Waiting For Love features an ear worm of a synth melody that seems to escalate each time it’s repeated. Soaring up an extra octave to seal the deal, the song finishes to leave you with a feeling of euphoria. Avicii seems to have a knack for that.