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Single Review: Atlas Genius – ‘Molecules’

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Australian brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery return with new single Molecules from their upcoming second album, and with it they bring a more polished sound and a hunger for the big-time. Since the success of track Trojans, the band have been on an upward spiral that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Molecules owes a lot to the 80s with its synth qualities, but the brothers bring it right into the present with some tight vocals and an infectious chorus that would have everyone jumping up and down at a festival. Its pretty endearing as Keith lets his imagination go and brings in deep thoughts to his lyrics: ‘Is this a path of will up ahead, or are we just destines to get what we get’.

atlas genius moleculesThe track also features a lovely breakdown, showing the bands perfect use and clear knowledge of sound and melody, while the instrumentation used throughout pushes the track along at the perfect pace. Underneath it all, it might be a relatively simple track, but it gives you exactly what it says on the tin – a pop-tinged feel suitable for the masses.

Atlas Genius is on to something here, and if they add on a few more bells and whistles, they could really jump into the big time. As it stands, Molecules is good for an introduction to what the band are all about, and shows the brothers have got a talent that can take them far.