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Single Review: Aston Merrygold – Get Stupid

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After more than five years with the chart-topping English group ‘JLS’, former boy band star Aston Merrygold finally has the chance to “make [my] own type of music and make [my] own decisions”. Rising to fame on the fifth series of infamous television talent programme The X Factor in 2008, JLS went on to produce a string of R&B-influenced pop hits including number one hit Beat Again and Tinie Tempah collaboration Eyes Wide Shut. After their dissolution in 2013 broke hearts across the UK, all four members went on to pursue various ventures. With his debut single Get Stupid, Merrygold joins former band mates JB Gill and Oritse Williams on their own quests to launch respective solo careers.

Aston Merrygold Get StupidTaken from his forthcoming debut album Show Stopper, Get Stupid is an intoxicating combination of vivacious rhythms, spirited horns, communal call-and-response and MJ-inspired vocals, in line with the current trend of neo-soul (Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams among others) currently making huge waves across the globe. The track lyrically and musically encourages its listeners to come alive and let loose with retro-kissed musical selections and slick production that perfectly captures the sound of the moment.

Known for their incredible enthusiasm and loyalty, JLS fans will likely jubilantly celebrate Merrygold’s infectious return to the airwaves with swooning, sing-a-longs and unstoppable feet.