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Live Review: Wolf Alice – 24th July 2015 – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, Australia

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The last time I was at Oxford Arts Factory, it was a very different atmosphere than what i experienced last night. A Guy Called Gerald, a house legend, was gracing the stage that night. Last night Wolf Alice played to a full house, and last night Wolf Alice really showed us why they are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment.

Things have really changed for Wolf Alice since they were last here in Australia. The four-piece from Camden, London have had a hectic few years with multiple EP releases and a busy touring schedule. It wasn’t too long ago that they were gracing the stage at Falls Festival with a handful of other appearances on the side, but back then they didn’t have their maiden album, My Love Is Cool. 

They truly are a great band. Not one song was a let down to me and they seem to have perfectly captured their studio sound and adapted it for live performance. Its obvious to see that they have oodles of live experience behind them. Elle Rowsell’s stage presence is efficacious and distinctly minimal, combine that with her angelic singing and demonic screaming she really is one of the most talented band leaders that I’ve ever seen. The crowd never seemed to get going until Rowsell unleashed Bros, after that point they seemed to be more lively – an injection of energy that the band themselves would have undoubtedly enjoyed. They closed the set with Fluffy which was well received by the fans that have been following them since their first releases.

I feel like the next time we are blessed with the talents of Wolf Alice, it should be in a larger venue. It was great to experience them at Oxford Arts, where it feels like a little pub, but this is a band that is only getting more and more popular. If they maintain their current momentum, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time they play, its at the Metro or the Enmore. Oxford Arts Factory is truly a great venue, its great to see somewhere that can put on a DJ or a band and maintain such an intimate feeling. Something that is lacking in Sydney’s late night economy thanks to the crippling lockouts that are in place across the CBD.