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Single Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘She Looks So Perfect’

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5 Seconds Of Summer are Australia’s answer to One Direction. In fact, they recently toured with One Direction. Pumping out high-energy songs that also have the ability to make girls swoon, they have gained a massive following not just Down Under but globally.

5SecondsOfSummer-SheLooksPerfectShe Looks So Perfect is the groups latest single, a song about falling in love with a girl and wanting to run away with her. Musically, having instruments play on every half beat gives the song a driving rhythm that makes the song difficult to forget. The vocals are very polished and boy-bandy and delivered with great enthusiasm. The song doesn’t really have a bridge; there is instead a quiet, stripped back version of the chorus where the bridge should be. This is disappointing to me as I think a good bridge can add, well, an extra star onto a song from a reviewing point of view.

The lyrics are perfectly decent, although the double use of “I’m so down” in the chorus is a little annoying. The song is in a very similar vein to much of the band’s previous work. High-energy vocals, strong instrumentals plus lyrics about a girl. It’s appealing to their target audience and while I may be a little older than that demographic, I can still appreciate good work.