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Single Review: Rubylux – ‘The World Goes Quiet’

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We were first introduced to Rubylux back in 2010 when the band was preparing for the release of their debut record, Fake Control. Hailing from the sunny surroundings of Brighton (UK), the four-piece outfit instantly won us over here at with their seemingly effortless musical mastery and ability at penning a record that was overflowing with thorough and thought-provoking pop-rock gems.

RubyluxTheWorldGoesQuietFake Control gave the lads, a regular Brighton busking staple, a glimpse into a success that could surf the waves of not just the Brighton shoreline but strut the cruel terrain of the international mainstream music market with ease and confidence.

Three years on from the release of their debut, Rubylux are gearing up for the unveiling of their sophomore and first major label effort, The World Goes Quiet.

The full length follow up to Fake Control has a release date penciled in for June but thankfully we don’t have to wait that long as the band offer the records lead single, also titled The World Goes Quiet.

The track contains all of the elements that we loved about Rubylux’s debut album – from the busy backbone of a piano that dances modestly in the background of the number to drummer Mike Hall’s skilled musicianship, providing the track with its sturdy foundation. Front man Rob Irving’s vocals pour out over the number in a confident yet sugary manner showing off a versatility as the singer paces himself in the songs verses before letting loose over the singles infectious and memorable chorus’.

It is great to have Rubylux back and with a strong single release like The World Goes Quiet we are confident that 2013 is going to be the year that Rubylux makes a huge impact on the mainstream music scene.