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Single Review: Ricky Martin – ‘Come With Me’

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Capitalizing on his judging role on The Voice Australia and his recently announced tour, Ricky Martin is back with a brand new single, Come With Me and the Puerto Rican superstar has tapped into much a more electronic sound than we have heard on anything previously releases by the hottie.

RickyMartinComeWithMeCome With Me relies very heavily on the dance genre and is perfectly suited to the Ibiza club scene, adopting a sound that is quite similar to the likes of recent Pitbull and JLo releases – perhaps in an attempt to replicate the success of his female Latin peers recent work. Unfortunately, given that I am a longtime fan of Ricky’s previous releases, I was a little disappointed with Come With Me.

As the number swings through an up-tempo rhythm that is expected of most Ricky Martin releases, the over the top techno qualities tend to grate on me as this style just doesn’t suit Ricky’s voice at all. While it is nice to hear artists venture outside of comfort zones and move with the times in terms of finding their feet within other genres in an effort to remain relevant, Come With Me’s style is just too distant for Ricky and the end result is a track that sounds musically foreign and uncomfortable for the singer. Gone is the raw vocal emotion and instrumental passion – both of which have been replaced by an over the top production which appears to be aimed at a much younger fan-base with this comeback.

Though the track has received mainly positive reviews from other music critics following its release and has also found a stop in the Top 5 on Australian charts, I just don’t think I can warm to this one. It’s just not the Ricky I have grown to love over the past 15 years and I will be hoping the singer’s change of style is a short lived one and that the Latin powerhouse returns with something at least a little more familiar very soon.