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EP Review: Dominique Pruitt – ‘To Win Your Love’

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Among all of the new music acts that are thrown at us each week there are always going to be those that stand out much more predominantly than others. While music has seen better days of late, there are acts that present themselves to us with just the right amount of persuasion to prick our ears up and make us really take notice. With that said we are more than thrilled to introduce you to the fantastic Dominique Pruitt – one of those artists.

DominiquePruittToWinYourLoveWith flame orange hair and style to boot, this radiant Los Angeles born and bred beauty has brought to the musical table her own brand of eloquence and musicality, tapping into the rising popularity of the 50’s and 60’s musical resurgence that has helped make fellow musicians like Adele and Caro Emerald overnight sensations but with a much more Americana and Indie vibe to her peers, allowing this rising star to stand apart from the rest.

To Win Your Love is the title of Dominique Pruitt’s brand new 5-track EP and our love affair with the musician begins with its infectious, hand clap happy title track. Immediately we are taken back to music of the 60’s with its nostalgic guitar licks and Pruitt’s clearly skilled and seasoned vocals that run tricks around the songs powerful melody. Something else we notice is the vocal resemblance to that of pop superstar Lady Gaga – not a bad similarity to carry we think. The difference between the two comes in the style of Pruitt’s songs which drip in Americana rhythms and southern scented sassiness and that is the key to this singer breaking into the mainstream. The track sets the scene perfectly for the following four tracks on the EP and acts as an idyllic introduction to one of music’s future heavyweights.

On the following He’s Got It Bad, a toe-tapping drum beat welcomes in Pruitt’s effortless vocals which are layered sweetly with complimenting harmonies as she sings over top a raw instrumentation that refuses to steam the spotlight from the leading lady’s inviting tones.

A big band joins the singer on the following Victim. A suave and sexy soul-laced gem with a deep, persuasive beat and charming lyrics makes this track is a true stand out on the EP with a contrasting style to the rest of the track-listing and its semi-psychedelic gloss.

You Don’t Have A Heart is bittersweet mid-tempo brilliance which carries a memorable, radio-friendly quality and a series of soulful backing vocals and a reverberating guitar lick and brief piano cameo adding to the tracks catchy quality as the singer declares “you don’t have a heart at all” and lays it all out as she confesses “maybe I’m a fool who feels the pain but at least I can sleep or night” – casting the spotlight onto her songsmith skills.

Ending the EP is the beautiful ballad, How Does Love Find It’s Way In The Dark, a sentimental and heavy number which is drawn out by a reverberating guitar and a much more stripped back instrumentation compared to the previous tracks on the collection. The song also allows Pruitt’s spectacular vocals to shine as she tears through the songs stunning hook heavy structure.

To Win Your Love is nothing short of spectacular. It may be brief but with the 5 tracks she has generously offered us on this EP we are spoiled by this introduction to one of music’s finest new artists. You have certainly won our love Dominique!

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