Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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Single Review: Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Life Won’t Wait’

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Prince of Darkness and heavy metal veteran Ozzy Osbourne has this week released his latest single Life Won’t Wait on Epic Records following the lead single release of Let Me Hear You Scream, both taken from Osbourne’s parent record, Scream.

OzzyOsbourneLifeWontWaitLife Won’t Wait sees the singer trading in his aggressive and belligerent persona in a similar way as he did with previous single, Changes. Until his distinctive vocals enter the track you would never really think Life Won’t Wait would be an Osbourne track.

Starting off with a calm but pulsating drum beat, a melodic acoustic guitar strumming takes over and carries throughout the song. Very different to the usual Ozzy releases it’s a leap away from his dark and goth heavy singles that made the singer one of the most prolific of goth personalities.

The chorus does however lift the single onto a rock pedestal and more into his comfort zone. Though the majority of the song is gentle in its delivery, Osbourne doesn’t sound out of place at all. The melody and slow rhythm of Life Won’t Wait suits his vocals perfectly and the contrast between verse and chorus add a versatility to Life Won’t Wait that gives the single strong chart potential and the ability to reach a larger audience instead of just the singers heavy metal followers.

Life Won’t Wait is the second single to be taken from Osbourne’s latest release and tenth studio album, Scream, which is the singers first record in three years. The video for Life Won’t Wait has been directed by Ozzy’s son Jack and the track has been cited as one of the standouts on the record. I have to agree with that citing as Life Won’t Wait, though a gentle track for the usually full forced, raging vocalist, is an infectious and memorable number that is full of hooks, insightful lyrics and an instrumentation well worthy of being a comeback album inclusion.

Life Won’t Wait is definitely a track well worth a listen to even if you’re not a follower of the heavy metal or rock genres.