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Ones to Watch: Dicepeople

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Photo: Syndicol Music

Location: London, UK

Members: Matt Brock – musician, songwriter and producer), Zmora – vocals & Rafael Filomeno – visual artist

Genre: Dark Electro

Dicepeople is a dark electro band from London consisting of Matt Brock (musician, songwriter and producer), Zmora (vocalist) and Rafael Filomeno (visual artist). Dicepeople music draws from a wide range of genres including synthpop, EBM, darkwave and post-rock.

Originally founded by Matt Brock and going strong since 2013, Dicepeople have released a number of well-reviewed studio albums and EPs. Their live shows have a significant visual emphasis, with projections and lighting creating a highly immersive experience.

2017 saw increasing success for Dicepeople with the release of their very successful “Synthetic” EP and video followed by their cover of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove” with video, followed by signing to Syndicol Music for future releases.

2018 for Dicepeople has seen the release of the “Shallow Under Skin” collaboration EP with Moi Soint, and the “Love Parasite / Control” collaboration EP with The Brooklyn Foundation, the latter featuring strong new videos for the songs “Love Parasite” and “Control”. The new Dicepeople album “Gone” will be released on Syndicol Music in mid-July, preceded by a single from the album with an accompanying video. There are also a number of Dicepeople remixes for other artists such as Moi Saint, Down From Above and LegPuppy coming out during the course of the year.

Dicepeople performances in London this year include a range of shows, in particular Electrowerkz on Saturday 9th June alongside Global Citizen, Android Lust and Inertia.

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